Fasting holidays, 19th-25th and 25th-31st January 2024, with intensive yoga

Fasting holiday with intensive yoga with Ines Gnörich: 19th-25th. January 2024 and 25-31 January 2024

Arrive, feel good, immerse yourself, enjoy the silence... breathe in the scent of the meadows, fields and forests and end the evening with tea and beautiful thoughts by the fireplace... Go into silence and experience the freedom that lies within you. Let your answers come to you. I offer you a break full of mindfulness, peace and deceleration in a wonderful environment. Silence & exchange, meditations, gentle yoga, walks and time to rest are the focus of these days just for you. No previous knowledge is necessary. Combined with fasting according to Buchinger, you will free your body from old burdens and at the same time cleanse your mind and soul. Pleasantly gentle - and at the same time a very effective deacidification, relief and detoxification treatment for the body - without feeling hungry. During fasting, the entire metabolism changes, blood pressure regulates and the body dehydrates. After the first few days, the release of serotonin increases, feelings of happiness arise and this leads to serenity and inner peace. Although losing weight is a wonderful side effect, it is not the focus here. Fresh green smoothies, natural juices, water and special fasting tea will be our daily companions for purification and detoxification. Your body can regenerate completely and its own self-healing powers are activated. The detox success is intensified and increased through special applications with Ayurvedic oils and massages.

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