We are a small team and hope you enjoy staying with us.

Our hotel is located on a 5-hectare abbey site with protected trees, a church, a small community, the little Stepenitz river and an adjacent nature reserve. A Campus Marienfliess should be created here with a Perma cultural garden, self-sufficiency and health seminars. The Klostergartenhotel was the first to open in March 2022 - but the decision was made in June to end the idea and also to close the hotel.

Lots of ideas, heart and soul and a lot of euros have already been invested. The interior designer Brigitte Brünjes turned the hotel into a little jewel.

My husband and I spent a few days in Marienfliess in May and decided to enter into negotiations and continue the hotel and follow the tradition. There has always been a place here that accommodated and fed people. More than 50 years ago even as a small retirement home.

Today, city dwellers in particular find absolute deceleration in the Klostergartenhotel Marienfliess. You enjoy the peace and quiet, the vastness of the meadows and fields, oversleep on the wonderful beds with bio airfect pillows, enjoy the rich breakfast buffet, come "home" in the evening to a warm meal by the fireplace.

Arrive, submerge, immerse yourself, enjoy without "conditions". You don't have to have a sauna, you don't have to go organic, you don't have to work on yourself and you don't have WiFi everywhere. If you don't want to be online, you can go to the communal kitchen, which is shielded from the digital world.

Business people and craftsmen love the early and very good breakfast as well as the opportunity to get a warm, freshly cooked meal at a fair price in the evening.

Our conference rooms of 15 - 170 square meters with daylight and fully equipped technology are suitable for seminars and conferences. As a group that has rented the whole house, you have the opportunity to cook for yourself in the communal kitchen or to be catered for by the cook from the monastery garden team.

For cyclists there are storage and charging facilities for e-bikes, facilities for drying clothing and equipment and, if desired, a packed lunch.

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions.

Your monastery garden hotel Marienfliess

Brigitte Koch and Stefan Ruckgaber

Phone +49 33696 207994